Mask Debate

-July 3rd 2020-

Mask Debate

-the uncomfortable conversations-

Let's start out with the masks-

The mask, a simple piece of fabric covering your mouth and nose. Why has this caused so much controversy?

We have been in the middle of a pandemic for the last 90 days. Good old Covid 19, the virus to bring down a nation. At least that is what we are made to believe. I have friends that have been personally affected by Covid and have friends that have died from it. Yet, we sit here and discuss how we are affected by the precautions to prevent the worst from happening from the effects of Covid, but many are simply worried about a personal inconvenience.

I will say that I hate wearing the mask. It is uncomfortable and frustrating, especially when I have forgotten my mask. Being turned away from local and nationwide stores for missing a mask can be frustrating for anyone. We have to take a moment and look at the broader picture throughout this pandemic. We live in a very litigious society. Far more companies have to be worried, not from the virus, but from the potential litigation that could come from any potential outbreak that can come from the spread of the virus from their stores.

This is a very important aspect of the virus that I have not heard from the main stream media, or any media for that matter. What are the legal repercussions of an outbreak tied to a particular store? We don't know the number. It could be in the millions that a company could potentially be on the hook for. This is an aspect that we need to consider. We have seen the video from a Colorado Costco, the issue there was not the mask but the potential legal battle from a customer not wearing one. We have to understand companies covering their backside, and fully requiring masks for all individuals.

It is time that we understand the bigger picture of what companies and individuals are going through right now. For most it is far easier to require greater precautions for employees and customers than to deal with the fallout of not.

I understand the misinformation that we have all been told. First the CDC said that masks do nothing and now we see the opposite. We see some counties, cities, and states requiring masks while others do not. This makes anyone question the validity of the masks. This is also the freedom that we have in this nation to be able to make the choices that are best for us. Some state that we do not have a choice in the matter, but each of those officials that are making these decisions is an elected official. Elected by we the people. If you disagree with the actions that your local, state, and federal officials are making, VOTE them out! If you agree with them, VOTE for their reelection. We have the choice and the vote, let us use it.

As for the masks personally, I don't want to wear them, but I will to make sure that the companies that I wish to shop at, stay in business. I will wear one to protect those that I love.

Let us be adults and understand that through everything that we have been through this year, a mask is the least of our worries.

We have the freedom of choice, but always keep in mind that that freedom goes both ways.


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