Alex Johnson

Why I am running ...


My name is Alex Johnson, a 32-year-old Loveland area native. My wife Mary and I have two children, my 19-year-old stepson Andrew and our 8-year-old daughter Maggie. We have a 2-year-old puppy named Charlie and a fish named Fin, and now live in Berthoud. I am a mortgage loan officer and my wife is a hairdresser. We are the quintessential American family, living and enjoying our small piece of the American dream.


I have been asked more times than I can count: WHY WOULD YOU RUN FOR OFFICE?  For along time I didn’t have an easy answer. Being “called” to run? Being encouraged to run? It wasn’t until I started this journey that I began to understand.


 For years now I have been watching the divide in our country grow larger and larger. I have watched friends, neighbors, and family even refuse to speak to each other over political differences. Why are we allowing our Representatives thousands of miles away to negatively impact our friendships, our relationships, and family dynamics because they refuse to work for us?


That’s right!  Congress is supposed to be working for us. Our current elected officials have been brilliant at dividing us to the point that we no longer remember that we are the ones that they are supposed to serve. They have changed our government from “by the people and for the people” to “for the party and by the party”.  Both parties are two sides of the same coin. They seem to be focused on what is best for them and their party and appear to care less about the average American. This points to a key reason why I am running for Congress.


I am running for Congress in the most difficult capacity. I am running as an Independent. I will not be beholden to any party.  I will be beholden to the voters of the 2nd congressional district of Colorado. All of them! It doesn’t’ matter if you are a lifelong Democrat, a lifelong Republican, or a lifelong independent.  I want to be a representative and a voice for all. For too long we have given into the game that we seem to be pawns in. It is time for us to change the game, to realize that with one voice we can vote for our independence. We no longer have to be divided by a party system that continues to fail us as they fight for and amongst themselves.


I am running to be a voice of reason, to listen to you and actually vote for the betterment of each other and for all of us together. Now more than ever we need a voice that can bridge the divide in our nation, in our hearts. We need a voice that understands that just because we have different ideas doesn’t mean that both points of view are not important. We have forgotten our motto: E Pluribus Unum, Out of many, One. We all have a unique past that has given each of us a different points of view. This is a wonderful thing that can allow us to come together and start discussions for the betterment of all. For to long we have been shouting in our own echo chambers and forgotten that our differences can make us better. They can allow us to build a better future for all. Why do we continue to allow these political parties to tear us apart? We are better than that.


I am just one man. But I want to be the voice of many in Colorado. I want to be able to create meaningful change within this system that now seems to focus on hate and division. With one voice we can start the change of our nation. We can refocus on what is truly important and create the future that we all want to see. In this election it is time to stop voting for party and start voting for your Independence.